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Ideal Analytics

Ideal Analytics

Ideal Analytics is a business Intelligence tool to glean information and therefore knowledge, from raw data targeted towards small and medium sized companies. Ideal Analytics offers self-service, real-time, on-demand ad-hoc analysis and high performance exploration functionality with plug-ability, scalability & security, available in both SaaS and on premise model. Ideal Analytics can analyze data from heterogeneous data sources comparing and collating for a comprehensive and collective presentation.

A small or medium sized company looking for a self-service BI tool for getting more visibility into data, but can't afford (or don't want to get into the headache of) hardware procurement, software installation / up-gradation / maintenance or creating and managing replication for DR, etc., Ideal Analytics SaaS is the best possible option you can avail to address all your needs. Ideal Analytics is hosted on a public cloud, and you can subscribe to different SaaS Packages available depending on your requirement, then upload your data into the cloud and start analyzing. Before paying for any subscription, there is a provision for free trial which you might choose to explore the product before investing in it. You don't have to think about hardware, software upgrades will be installed automatically and there is a 24×7 support service available to answer all your queries.


  • Data Upload
  • Data Analysis
  • Dashboards
  • Export
  • Report
  • Multiple Users
  • Share & Collaborate Support