Education and Training

Samsung SDS's Education Solutions


IT advancements have accelerated change in corporate education. Digital educational environments created at human resources development (HRD) centers have increased teacher-learner communication, and the application of personalized smart devices like smartphones and tablets have allowed companies to provide individual employees with tailor-made intelligent educational solutions. Through these advancements, employees can acquire useful knowledge on the job and produce results. While experiencing the results produced by their employees, companies have begun to adopt Samsung SDS's educational solutions as tools for increasing productivity.

A leader in corporate education, Samsung SDS offers two educational solutions: edutto Class, which facilitates teacher-learner interaction at HRD centers using a variety of smart devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs, and edutto™ Mobile, which aids employees in acquiring work-related knowledge and producing results whenever necessary for work. Samsung SDS's education solutions can be widely applied to corporate HRD centers, retail stores, locations of operation, and schools.

edutto™ Class:

edutto™ Class is designed for all learners at HRD centers to interact with teachers using smart devices. It also helps teachers give customized education that meet different learning needs with tools for improving learners' concentration and assessing their levels. Customized education where teachers interact with learners improve learners' concentration and increase educational gains.

Major Services:
  • Customized education design using the Design Your Learning tool
  • Providing interactive tools such as real-time Q&As, quiz shows, and digital discussions
  • Improving concentration in controlling the internet and cameras during class
  • Enabling level assessments to determine class levels using assessment and test tools
  • Learning data management to measure ROI from education

  • edutto™ Mobile:

    edutto™ Mobile is designed for all employees to easily create useful knowledge at work as educational courses, and for companies to educate employees who need work-related knowledge, producing faster and more accurate results. In addition, the solution provides the accreditation feature connected to education. Through the solution, employees can qualify as necessary talent at work and get motivated to learn, while leaders can help meet employees' development needs.

    Major Services:
    • Providing a learning design designed for anyone to easily create, distribute and manage customized educational content based on widely used content (PPT and Word) at work
    • "Education Accreditation" program designed to qualify employees as necessary talent through education and to support human resources development
    • Offering rewards to encourage continuous learning and motivate employee to apply it to work
    • Providing a community where best practices are shared and spread by departments/branches