DataCenter Solutions


Every data center has a unique set of priorities, from consolidation and cost control to quick deployment and zero downtime. You can count on WinMethods to ensure that your data center's infrastructure meets your specific requirements.

Under the Datacenter Solution Offering, we create agile, future-ready infrastructure with flexible compute, networking, storage and Software that can be tailored to your services and easily expanded over time. This includes servers, communication gear, storage equipment and operating system. Our experienced and expert Integration team is capable of planning, combining these components, configure and maintain to make them work efficiently and effectively.


Be it Data Intensive requirement or Business Process Applications, choosing the right servers that is capable of addressing the current workloads and scalable to future needs is a challenge. We at WinMethods can offer consultancy services to provide the latest technology servers that suits your requirements. Being Partners for Dell, Lenovo and IBM, we can offer wide range of Desktop, Rack Mounted and Blade Servers that fits your requirement.


Storage planning and implementation is crucial part in any datacenter. Choosing the right storage (SAN or NAS) with the correct capacities, type of Hard Drives (SATA, SAS or SSD) and connectivity (Copper, SFP or DirectAttach) and the methodology takes lot of research and expertise. Partnering with the leading Storage Manufacturers like Dell, EMC, IBM, Lenovo, NetGear, QNAP WinMethods offers the right solution that suits your requirement.


Communication and Connectivity makes the backbone for any Datacenter. Team WinMethods can plan and provide the proper connectivity to all the devices in the Datacenter and make them work in tandem to provide the best performance. By integrating Manageable and Unmanageable Switches of Brocade, Cisco, NetGear and DLink, WinMethods can implement the most complex connectivity solutions needed for smooth functioning of the Datacenter.

Operating Systems:

Team WinMethods has expertise in Implementing the Datacenter based on either Microsoft or Linux Platforms. Being Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, our engineers can implement latest Windows 2016 Server Operating System or earlier versions like Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2008 depending on the Application demand. On the Linux front, we have expertise on SUSE or RedHat Enterprise Linux platforms as well as the OneSource stack based on CentOS or Ubuntu. Not just installation, but server consolidation, clustering, High Availability cluster implementation and load balancing are some of the server technologies which our team has mastered over the years.


With the advent of virtualization, the server utilization has improved multifold and the number of physical servers required in a datacenter has reduced drastically. WinMethods Technical team has the expertise in variety of Virtualization Technologies. Being Professional partners for VMWare, we can virtualize your servers by utilizing latest VMWare virtualizing capabilities. If you think otherwise, it is not an issue and our team has expertise on implementing Hypervisors like Hyper-V on Windows or KVM / Xen on Linux Platform.

In a nutshell, just you decide the workload of your datacenter and we can plan, supply, implement and maintain your datacenter.

Productivity Solutions

The basic usage of IT is to increase the productivity. We at WinMethods can increase the same by implementing latest productivity solutions. Be it office productivity by using Office suits or collaboration by implementing latest technologies. Starting with implementation of SQL database servers, Project Servers for Project Planning and monitoring, Exchange servers for E-Mail, Skype for audio and video conferencing, SharePoint for collaboration and document management, Dynamics CRM to manage your business to Team Foundation Server for collaborative Software Development we have a solution for each and every requirement of yours on Microsoft Technologies. Under Linux technologies, we can implement Zimbra and other E-Mail solutions, Document Management Solutions based on Open Stack.

Let us know your pain points and we have a solution for that!

Networking Solutions

Be it a small business house or a large corporate, Networking is a must for each and every organization. WinMethods Network Implementation team has the capabilities to implement even the most complex network solutions. In the floor networks using unmanaged or Managed Switches and Routers, cabling, numbering, end point connectivity, testing and cable dressing are the requirement of every organization. We can handle this efficiently and also the most complex outdoor networks using managed switches, L2 & L3 Switches, Fiber Optic Cabling and Both in the floor wireless networking to complex campus wide wireless networks. With alliances like D-Link, NetGear, Cisco, Brocade and Ruckus we at WinMethods can implement the right network that suits your today's requirement yet is scalable for future needs.

Security Solutions

Cyber Threat is the major challenge that all the Organizations are facing today. Virus attacks to Spam to Malware, Ransomware there are innumerable number of threats an organization networking is facing. On top of this Intrusion from outside and Data leakage from Inside are the major challenges today's IT Managers have to handle. WinMethods has a solution for all. Our Technical expertise and the alliances make us offer the best possible security solutions. Seqrite, Sophos, Symantec and MacAfee antivirus solutions, Sophos and Symantec DLP solutions, Cyberoam and Fortigate Firewall Solutions along with network monitoring and protection solutions help our customers protect their networks with utmost protection.

Storage / Backup Solutions

Data Backup is the utmost requirement for business continuity of any organization in the event of Hardware breakup or Data Corruption. By including proper storage systems (SAN or NAS) and backup software from world renowned Backup solution vendors like Veritas, Retrospect WinMethods can offer the best possible solutions to keep your data safe.

Endpoint Solutions

The IT infra is not complete unless the end user requirement are fulfilled. Be the desktops or Laptops and Tablets, Printers and other peripherals WinMethods delivers and installs the EndPoint Products that need to fulfil your requirements. With partnerships with Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Epson, Hitachi and other popular brands, you can rest assured that we offer the genuine brands at most competitive prices.

Licensing Solutions

WinMethods being a solutions company understands the complexity of Licensing Compliances. Our team of Software Licensing Specialists will assist your Organization in procuring the license required to meet all your business needs. With WinMethods, you will be taken care of every step of the way to ensure that you purchase the Software Licensing Solution that is right for your business. Be it Microsoft, Adobe, VMWare, Symantec, SUSE and RedHat and any other software Licensing requirements, WinMethods can assist you in proper methodology.