Migration Services

Migration can be small-scale, such as migrating a single system, or large-scale, involving many systems, new applications, or a redesigned network. 

Migration Services

In information technology, migration is the process of moving from the use of one operating environment to another operating environment that is, in most cases, is thought to be a better one. For example, moving applications or workloads from old and outdated Hardware to latest Hardware or old Operating Systems to latest Operating Systems or old Legacy Applications to new Applications would usually be considered a migration because it involves making sure that new features are exploited, old settings do not require changing, and taking steps to ensure that current applications continue to work in the new environment. Migration is inevitable for any organization for continued business process. Migration can involve moving to new hardware, new software, or both. Migration can be small-scale, such as migrating a single system, or large-scale, involving many systems, new applications, or a redesigned network. We, at WinMethods can help you migrate your existing environment to latest environments seamlessly.
With team leads having more than two decades of Industry experience who have seen three generations of hardware, software and network infrastructure refresh, Team WinMethods can help you migrate your IT Infrastructure to migrate to the latest technologies including Cloud Platform.


Are you Still trying to work with obsolete servers and Operating Systems and would like to move to the latest Hardware and OS?
We @ WinMethods can migrate the systems to latest platforms without any hindrance to your workflow with no downtime or minimal downtime. Maybe you are stuck with old Hardware that are declared EOL by the OEM or stuck with old Windows NT/2000/2003 OS which are vulnerable and would like to migrate to new Windows Server 2012 or latest Windows Server 2016, the professional and certified team of our engineers can handle that seamlessly.


Many organizations are looking at exploiting the latest features of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013. Be the increasing Mobile Workforce or requirement of collaboration and communication or integrating all the messaging and communication features under one umbrella are forcing Business houses consider implementation of Exchange Mail Server. Considering the complexity of implementation and fear of losing old mail data, the IT heads are under dilemma on migration. WinMethods team has the experience and expertise to migrate your existing mail solution to Microsoft Exchange. Be it old Exchange server or any Open Source Mail server, team WinMethods can migrate the same without any data loss or business continuity issues.


SharePoint migrations are complex projects.
SharePoint migrations force you to assess the state of the content you have – weighing business factors like size, relevance, and sensitivity – in order to make decisions about what you want as well as need to bring into your new system.
SharePoint migrations also present a good opportunity to restructure your content to provide better management and discoverability – yet there is always pressure to complete migrations as quickly as possible, risking potential feature and configuration incompatibilities between your source and destination systems.
WinMethods Team supports all stages of your migration projects – providing you with assessment, planning, and reporting capabilities – to efficiently migrate from your legacy collaboration system to the latest versions of SharePoint or SharePoint Online with minimal business disruption.


Migrating the existing Applications to latest Linux Platform might be a nightmare for some Organizations due to Time Constraint or due to Learning Curve involved in the implementation. WinMethods will take care of all your Linux needs without you having to break a sweat. We provide Comprehensive Linux System Migration Service for your Red Hat Enterprise or Novell SUSE Enterprise Linux or Open Source OS based Systems to deliver the best results. WinMethods will tailor make the solution for your Organization and work closely with you to migrate the same.