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What can WinMethods Do !

Licensing Consultation:

Based on your business needs and scale, we provide licensing consultation for you to choose appropriate licenses and achieve true cost savings by using Microsoft Office 365 With us, you can avoid license over procurement or underutilization by optimizing your investment in Office 365.

Microsoft Office 365 Deployment

Microsoft Office 365 Deployment:

“Microsoft Office 365 Deployment” is the first stage of building your organization on Microsoft 365, starting from the ground up. Our Microsoft Office 365 experts comprehensively build the tenant by setting up user accounts, configuring collaboration tools, and establishing the secure digital framework on which your organization will rely for communication, productivity, and data management.

Microsoft Office 365 Migration:

We specialize in seamlessly migrating your source environment to Microsoft 365, such as your existing emails, contacts, calendars, and tasks from Google Workspace to Microsoft Office 365, emails from Yahoo, and Rediffmail to Microsoft Office 365 Our expert team is experienced in handling complex migrations, and we prioritize smooth and secure transition without giving room for any potential data disruptions, data loss, or downtime.

Microsoft Office 365 Support Services:

Through our proactive and holistic approach, we liberate you from the challenges of daily administrative tasks, empowering you to seamlessly navigate the complexities and demands of the hybrid workspace, creating a dynamic environment that amplifies efficiency, all the while reducing potential risks and IT costs. 


Choosing WinMethods Office 365 support allows you to gain access to an array of invaluable benefits :


Ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information with the use of various tools and security protocols


Ensuring organisations improve productivity, foster innovation, and enhance teamwork through collaboration among individuals or teams


Offering scalable solutions to efficiently adapt to changes in demand by adding or removing resources as needed

Business Continuity

Maintaining the ability of an organisation to continue its operations and provide services in the face of various disruptions, including natural disasters, cyber-attacks, and technical outages.

Cost Optimisation

Cost optimisation involves analysing and managing expenses to maximise efficiency and reduce unnecessary spending while maintaining performance.


Flexibility refers to the ability of a system, process, or organisation to adapt and respond to changes or new requirements.

Why WinMethods?

With 12+ years of experience in providing Office 365 services. 

Trusted by 100+ business organizations worldwide. 

We are right with you, wherever you are. 

Ensure a safe & secure approach to digital transformation. 

Proactive management and monitoring to relieve you of overwhelming IT tasks.  

How we help small, medium, enterprises achieve their business goals.

Digital Transformation

Using technology to Modernize and optimize business workspace. 

Improve Productivity

Streamlining workflows with technology integration.

Protect Business

Implement Robust security measures to guard sensitive resources.

Focus on Innovation

Handling IT management, allowing organizations to focus on growth.

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