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Azure Implementation

WinMethods providing Microsoft Azure service to help your organisation meet your business challenges.

Azure Implementation

Microsoft Azure is the melting point of all services we offer. Whether it is your development environment, test environment or infrastructure, we help you move it all to cloud and avoid the expense and complexity of buying and managing your own physical servers and datacentre infrastructure.

Through a combination of structured planning – and end-to-end services, including cloud migration, backup and recovery and managed IT services – we ensure a smooth transition while increasing your internal cloud expertise as you go.

As a leading Microsoft Azure deployment partner, we help organizations start their Cloud Journey.


We combine in-depth assessment services with certified cloud experts to develop a plan to move you forward in a secure and cost-effective way. We have delivered hundreds of cloud assessments, helping clients determine the costs, risks and priorities to ensure a successful transition to the cloud.

Effective Planning Reduces Risk!


Cloud Implementations are different for different companies – and managing the transition to Azure often poses big challenges. The reality is most companies need expert support to build and maintain a fully realized cloud strategy and we at WinMethods mastered the art! We support you with engineers and cloud architects who have designed and deployed hundreds of cloud solutions.

Follow Azure Best Practices!


We help you understand your cloud usage at an application, user, and department level, identifying potential waste and forecasting usage and spending over time. Our experts optimize the services by monitoring the usage and using various optimization methodologies enabling you to get best out of your cloud investment.

Optimize Performance and Maximise ROI!

WinMethods has the credibility and expertise to accelerate your cloud journey..

Identity and access management is a must have security feature to safeguard your IT Assets. This ensures the right individuals have access to the right on-premises, hybrid, or public cloud resources–at the right times for the right reasons.

Azure Active Directory provides comprehensive, Enterprise-grade identity and access management solution. It works with on-premises Active Directory to offer an integrated solution enabling a common identity to be used to access both on premises and cloud-based services, including third-party services.

    • You can run Windows Server Active Directory (AD) in the cloud using virtual machines created with Azure Virtual machines. This approach makes sense when you’re using Azure to extend your on-premises datacenter into the cloud.
    • You can use Azure Active Directory to give your users single sign-on to Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. Microsoft’s Office 365 uses this technology, for example, and applications running on Azure or other cloud platforms can also use it.
    • Applications running in the cloud or on-premises can use Azure Active Directory Access Control to let users log in using identities from Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and other identity providers.

As part of our IAM Service, we will implement Active Directory Services on Azure and manage them. On top of implementation of AD, as part of our ID management offering, we will define user group resource policies in Active Directory, implement single sign-on, federate identities across apps and other resources, and handle rights management – ensuring that the right users have the correct access. On behalf of you, WinMethods’ develop mature ID management policies which lower associate costs and become more agile in supporting new business initiatives – all while staying compliant with industry and regulatory standards.