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Azure Managed Services

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Azure Managed Services

Azure is the future of business. The businesses that have embraced Azure today will gain significant edge over their competitors tomorrow. You have taken right decision by moving to Azure. With WinMethods’ Azure managed services, your business would not only survive, but thrive amidst this cutting-edge scene.

For many organizations, it’s nearly impossible to manage the cloud resources due to the existing load on Inhouse IT Staff or their lack expertise in managing the Azure resources. By proper management, the costs consumption to the services provisioned can be optimized. WinMethods’ Azure Managed Services are the right choice for business continuity and cost optimization.

Full support for Microsoft Azure

WinMethods’ Managed Services for Microsoft Azure provide design, delivery and daily operational support of compute, storage and virtual network infrastructure in Azure. We monitor and manage system software, infrastructure configurations and service consumption using proven processes and tools. In addition, our financial and governance services help reduce uncontrolled consumption. WinMethods’ managed services scale up and down to continually meet your changing business needs, ensuring that your IT costs and services will always align to business demand.


Our Azure certified experts remove the complexity in managing and monitoring your cloud infrastructure and help optimize the costs.

  • Phone Support
  • E-Mail Support
  • 12 x 5 (8AM to 8PM Monday-Friday) support for normal issues and 17×7 (6AM to 11PM All days) support for critical issues*.

Our managed services offering for Microsoft Azure include

  • Infrastructure Operations Management
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Security
  • Cloud Monitoring & Reporting
  • Cost Optimization
  • Break Fix Services

Infrastructure Operations Management:

As part of Infrastructure management, we provide the base management services of your Azure Resources, patching updates, configuration management and identity management.  We take up management of your existing resources on Azure including patch updates on regular basis. Identity management includes adding and managing the users to access specific resources securely as per organization policy. Our Azure experts will be available to deploy new resources and workloads on the fly according to your requirements which come up time to time.

Backup and Disaster Recovery: 

Backup and Disaster Recovery is prime requirement for business continuity and stick to the compliance norms of Regulatory bodies. We develop backup plans based on policies determined by you and regulatory bodies, to ensure safety and long-term retention of sensitive data for audit and compliance regulations. In addition, your workloads need to be protected from planned and unplanned downtown, as this can cause adverse business, brand, and in some cases, legal effects. Our Cloud Experts will handle these operations for you. We will be doing monthly/quarterly DR drills and custom recovery plan authoring as per your convenience and requirement.


The current digital security landscape for businesses can accurately be described as complicated. More numerous and advanced threats, more nebulous and complex compliance requirements, more difficult and intricate infrastructure to secure. Keeping data, workloads, and users secure is more than a full-time job and organizations are having trouble keeping up. Our Team ensure your data and VMs on Azure are secured by implementing the best practices proposed by Microsoft.

Cloud Monitoring & Reporting: 

We keep an eye on your Azure Environment! While monitoring the health and performance of cloud resources is important, most organizations simply do not have the time, resources, or dedicated staff required to monitor every aspect of IT and we can add the most value here.

Whether you want to monitor infrastructure, DB, or apps, our Cloud Team will do it on behalf of you. In addition, if you want more in-depth information and want to see the health status, availability and traffic patterns of their applications in real time we will be able to provide the same. Again, depending on your requirement, you may respond to all alerts or may leave the alerting and response management to our expert team.

Key Services:

  • System Health Monitoring: Complete monitoring of VMs, CPU utilization, memory usage, storage IOPs, and OS performance. Includes monitoring of application performance and operation health, and dashboards and reports on system health.
  • Log Analytics and Alerting: Servers, switches, clients, and end user devices produce vast amounts of logged information every time they access the network. These reportable logs contain oceans of valuable data that can offer insight into enterprise inefficiencies, resource consumption, security vulnerabilities and root causes of downtime. We analyze the logs and alert you for the actions.
  • Database Monitoring: A view into your database ensure high availability of database servers. The process involves keeping logs of size, connection time and users of databases, analyzing use trends, and leveraging data to proactively remediate issues.
  • App Performance Monitoring: End-to-end tracking of all aspects of an application (or webpage). App monitoring involves watching every part — from shopping carts to registration pages — of a customer’s app(s) for performance issues in an effort to provide the best user experience possible.

Cost Optimization:

Cloud utilization may turn into runaway spending if visualization and optimization is missing. We help our customers manage their cloud spend, by performing deductive and predictive analytics on their past and expected cloud spend respectively.

Resource use optimization or “rightsizing” turns into great savings on your cloud spend. In a hybrid or public cloud deployment, you can consolidate workflows running on multiple, under-utilized resources – which has a direct impact on cost. Conversely, you may spin up additional resources when one is no longer enough to handle your workloads. Autoscaling techniques help increase or decrease the resource allotment on the fly which reduces monthly cloud spend on a whole. Our team take up this job on your behalf.

Break Fix Services:

No matter how well a cloud or hybrid environment is planned, provisioned, operated or monitored, problems will arise, and those problems will need to be remediated. Our Break Fix services are meant to do the same at utmost agility and efficiency.


User Support: We provide support for frequently asked questions, setup and usage, best practices, questions around billing and invoicing, break-fix support for developers, architecture design and solution design support for architects.

System Support: Our support team provide customers with information on any service interruption, relay expectations on when the system will be back online.

Product Support: We provide support when the Microsoft product is not working as expected or the service stops working. Our team resolve the issue as per the SLA, else escalate to Microsoft when the issue cannot be resolved with existing documentation and/or expertise and work with Microsoft support team to resolve the issue.