Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Managed Services

We will provide the Management, Monitoring, and Reporting of your Microsoft 365 environment so you don’t have to.

After your initial deployment to the Cloud, your environment, usage and needs will change. WinMethods will keep an eye on your service and ensure you get the most from Microsoft 365. Our Managed Services solution provides Microsoft 365 resources that will provide expertise in your Microsoft 365 environment. We will provide the Management, Monitoring, and Reporting of your Microsoft 365 environment so you don’t have to.


  • Phone Support
  • E-Mail Support
  • 24×7 support


You now have your Microsoft 365 environment up and running, but you don’t have the time and resources to do the day to day administrative tasks. WinMethods will provide you with a certified consultant that will complete these tasks for you not only saving you money, but time. We will not only assist with the day to day administrative tasks, they will also perform the weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks suggested by Microsoft best practices.

User Management Tasks:

  • Create New Office 365 Account
  • Disable Office 365 Account
  • Look-up Office 365 Account Details
  • Reset User Passwords
  • Change a Username
  • Delete Office 365 Account

Teams Tasks:

  • Provision Teams
  • Add Members to Teams
  • Manage Teams

Admin Management Tasks:

  • Modify Passwords
  • Edit Mailbox Permissions
  • Change Mailbox Settings
  • Edit Mailbox Folder Permissions
  • Forward Mail to an Alternative Mailbox
  • Create a Shared or Resource Mailboxes
  • Modify Group Membership
  • Creation of Mail Rules
  • Export Mailbox to PST file

OneDrive Tasks:

  • Provision OneDrive
  • Change OneDrive Settings


Team WinMethods will monitor the activity in your Microsoft 365 environment by not only knowing when services are not available or degraded, but also monitor and audit behavioural actions in the cloud. This enables us to analyse all the actions in your cloud including the permissions and settings for all users, files, emails, and much more. By constant monitoring, WinMethods will be able to notify you when there are irregularities that are showing up.

Exchange Monitoring:

  • Office 365 User’s Password Expiration and Strength Settings
  • All Mailboxes that are Forwarded Outside of your organization
  • Mailboxes with Users that have Full Access
  • Mailboxes with legal hold status
  • Mailboxes with their last logon date
  • Office 365 Activity Audit Log

OneDrive Monitoring:

  • Top Externally Shared OneDrive Files
  • Top OneDrive Storage Usage Status of Users

Teams Monitoring:

  • Teams with External Members
  • Externally Shared Teams Files


Having access of all information about your Microsoft 365 environment is critical for the success and the return on investment that you are making. Having accurate and up to date information is critical in making decisions for your businesses. WinMethods will provide you with a variety of monthly reports that will assist you in making the right decisions at the right time.

User Reports:

  • Exchange User Properties
  • User Contact Information
  • Blocked Users
  • Recently Created Users

Mailbox Reports:

  • Mailbox Size
  • Mailbox Size Growth
  • Storage Usage

Licensing Reports:

  • License Summary
  • User Licenses
  • Unused Services
  • Licensed Users

Mobile Devices Reports:

  • Devices Details Report
  • Devices by Mailbox
  • Apple Devices

User Support:

Just deployment of Microsoft 365 services will not yield the expected results. The results can be achieved only if the users are able to use all the available services and start using them. Our Cloud Experts will support your users in using the services and increase their productivity. Our team helps them to understand the features and clarifies the queries.


Our team will be your expert advisors for Microsoft 365 services to increase productivity and optimise the costs. We will inform you about the new features and services that are being added time to time and provide advisory services.

Critical Support:

On top of the Administrative services, our team will be available to provide instance support for any issues on demand. WinMethods has a direct connection to Microsoft Support for cloud consulting, road mapping, adoption and support with response times for critical issues of less than 1-hour.