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SharePoint Products, Portals, Or Document Management System: We Help Organization To Leverage SharePoint

SharePoint Solution 

WinMethods help enterprises to migrate from SharePoint on-premise setup to SharePoint Online / Office 365. We make sure that the migration helps the enterprises to preserve all their on-premise environment functionalities while taking advantage of features the SharePoint online offers.

WinMethods have a rich and enduring experience in carrying out migration projects. Be it site collection, file shares, document libraries etc, we migrate all of them intact to SharePoint Online.


Organizations use Microsoft SharePoint to create websites. You can use it as a secure place to store, organize, share, and access information from any device.


Simplify your trip to SharePoint Online, to save time and add value for your latest investments.


Pack lightly…take what you need and ditch redundant, obsolete, and trivial data. Users and search results will benefit


Migrations can be complex, and time consuming. We help shoulder the burden, so your users and IT don’t feel the pain.

SharePoint Migration Process


Our Discovery tools provide 360view of your existing SharePoint environment. Understand the current environment and take a decision on what to move and what to leave behind. Identify required, relevant, and sensitive content, and ditch the rest before you migrate. Find out which customisations may impact your plans and eliminate potential risks. Our tools provide all the necessary information enabling you to take informed decision.


We move your data to the cloud automatically by using the industry’s most popular and efficient tools. Whether you migrate in bulk or bit-by-bit, we’ll keep it together, and won’t impact users.


We keep an eye on your migration process. Responsive monitoring, customizable reports, and content validation make it easier to ensure your project is on schedule and on point.

Sharepoint Migration

Migrating SharePoint, no matter if it is migration between tenants, migrating from SharePoint on-premises to SharePoint Online, or even migration between site collections, does not have to be a manual nightmare.