6 important reasons to start Azure migrations in 2021: In the past few years, cloud migration has put a great impact on several industries, making them move towards it for various reasons like minimizing the cost on on-premises infrastructure by having all applications and servers at a remote location to access it virtually, allows data storage, minimizes malignant attacks by offering advanced security options, flexibility and eases work management. Recently, the world has been scrambled since the start of the pandemic, where, small to big-sized organizations are keeping their suspicions behind and coming forward to rely on cloud services to manage their data, servers, storage, and networking.

Considering, there are several cloud service providers, with no doubt, among them, Microsoft Azure stands out and grabs potential customers with its uniqueness. It also manages to provide it cost-effectively. The services include SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).

In this blog, we will tour you on 6 important reasons to start Azure migrations in 2021.

  1. Hybrid Cloud Service

Unlike other cloud service providers, Microsoft Azure attracts various organizations with its unique hybrid cloud model, which integrates data and on-premises apps in a strong, scalable and flexible way. It creates Azure Active Directory to sync with on-premises AD and allows the users to access applications from both on-premises and cloud. The hybrid cloud model offers advanced data backup and recovery options and storage with greater efficiency.

  1. Microsoft

Microsoft plays an important role in cloud evolution. It has made a great impact on the digital environment during this pandemic by introducing many organizations to the world of virtualization and allowing them to work remotely with exceptional security. Microsoft brought its highly used Microsoft Office suite to the cloud and called it Office 365. Office 365 includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, Access, and Publisher on the cloud. It allows the organization to make its employees work from anywhere to access email and all organization-related services. It eases the process of setting up HD video conferences, screen sharing, file sharing, and collaborating with teammates. Furthermore, it comes with anti-spam and malware protection which ensures safety to its clients. 

  1. Azure Data bricks

Data bricks is the best in class, cloud-based data engineering tool which has been used to understand, learn and modify the data through machine learning models. Microsoft has launched Azure Data bricks in 2021, which has been the biggest add-on for Microsoft cloud since then. It is publicly available to all organizations, providing them the capability of combining data, analyzing, and machine learning. Likewise, it is a cost-effective and time savior which allows the organizations to maintain their workload efficiently.

  1. Flexibility

Microsoft Azure meets higher unexpected Scenarios with advanced business plans and strategies. Microsoft Azure offers numerous services from which organizations can select any number of services with no limits. It withstands a large workforce and offers variability in scaling them, which allows the organizations to migrate with conviction.

  1. Cost-Effectivity

In this pandemic, cost plays a major factor in cloud migration. Microsoft Azure reduces the cost of infrastructure for bigger organizations by allowing them to migrate towards the cloud and even the small organization can rent the work-related tools and apps with minimal cost, this makes Microsoft Azure stand alone and drive large customers.

  1. Business Stability

Covid-19 pandemic has made many organizations leave the business because of the uncertainty, in the economy, and the cost of maintaining their on-premise infrastructure which left them with no options. The Azure migration has been a rescuer of the organizations by allowing them to migrate towards the cloud with ease in a cost-effective way by maintaining the business stability. It has also helped the organizations to overcome security threats that emerged due to remote working. In 2021, small to million-dollar organizations are also moving towards Azure migrations to overcome losses, protect their business and stay in the market. 

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