Azure backup and recovery, and Cloud storage is a simple, but predominant use case for various businesses. There are many cloud services provides, who offer data backup and recovery as a basic service. Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based service vendor, which provides data backup and recovery service in a pay-as-you-go basis among several other services.

With Azure, “It’s Simple, more beneficial, and cost-effective”. This blog allows you to take a closer look at how friendly does Azure offer data backup and recovery solutions?

7 important facts to know about how friendly is data backup and recovery

  1. Data backup is appropriate for all level of organizations, from small scale to big scale businesses with different amount of data availability. While choosing Azure for data backup, pre-plan your investments, so no surprises would come on your way.
  2. Azure offers friendly interface, and it is easy to configure, therefore the organizations can eliminate the requirement of backup expertises. It has an effortless GUI interface, which makes backup more desirable.
  3. It provides 24/7 backup facility, allowing the organizations to store their critical system backup on the Azure cloud. Azure provides enhanced backup for files, folders, virtual machines, SQL databases, even image backups etc. Microsoft Azure offers tier level plans which is highly cost-effective for the organizations to choose. Furthermore, it has several features, and lot more features being constantly developed, involving the organizations to continuously upgrade. 
  4. Microsoft Azure almost meets every requirement of the organizations like, it backups your NAS devices which is used locally as a file server, virtual machines used in a production environment, critical databases etc.
  5. The customization options available with Azure is very attractive in terms of the need of the organizations. It provides daily backup for 6 months or a combination backup like daily, weekly or monthly basis. It allows the organizations to utilize the custom backups, high SLA, provides several redundancy options allowing high data restoration, quick snapshots etc.
  6. Data backup is easy to implement and administrate. It’s involvement with Microsoft products, such as Windows VMs and Azure SQL instances, are great and highly reliable. It certainly has shown almost zero backup failures, making the organizations to work tension free.
  7. Microsoft Azure guarantees organization the best backup solution. It has technically trained its support engineers who offer necessary solutions based on the issues. Service is fast and highly efficient.

Azure Backup and Recovery is a built-in feature of Azure platform that comes at no cost. Therefore, prior solution has been the most compelling reasons of the growth of Azure over the years.

“Smarter Investment embraces faster growth“  

Move your workloads to Azure cloud and have a systematic and safe backup and recovery solutions.

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