Database migration path to Azure,

Welcome to read this blog!, If your organization is seriously planning database migration to Azure cloud.

This blog discusses database migration to Azure and the facts to know while choosing the database migration path to Azure.

The organizations normally procure their data from On-premises, which is subjected to various issues like maintaining huge frame, big-budget, surviving technical failures and malicious attacks. Overtime, the growth of cloud services and the services offered by them have become consistently impressive. Therefore, to incorporate such services and overcome the above concerns, the organizations have started their migration to cloud.

Azure Cloud is one among the top service providers in market. Though they stepped late into the business of cloud computing, but they overcame the challenges by applying unique and smart approaches. They offer more than 600 different services allowing the organizations to choose them based on their requirements.

“Save Money and Time with Azure” as said, Microsoft Azure is time and cost-effective.

This blog discusses database migration to Azure and the facts to know while choosing the migration path to Azure.

Azure Database Migration Service

Azure is incorporated with highly managed migration service which allows you to migrate database from multiple sources to Azure data platform in a minimal time frame. Database Migration Service is a tool that simplifies, guides and automates the migration to Azure and allows organizations to move all sort of available data to cloud and access them at ease.

It provides sensitive migration letting you move data, schema and other objects to Azure. It possesses feasible process which will allow you to complete your task on time. Furthermore, it supports Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Oracle migration to Azure from on-premises and other cloud environments. It has an easy recovery and self-healing processes which helps the organization to work smoothly.

Consider some facts while choosing the path of database migration to Azure:

With Microsoft Azure, enhance security and cost-savings by migrating your database workloads to Azure.

  • Learn about Azure Hybrid Benefit and understand the cost-cutting migration strategies by using it

Azure Hybrid Benefit – It is a licensing benefit which would benefit the organizations to cut the cost of running their workloads on cloud. It brings On-premises services with software assurance to Azure.

  • It has wide range of security options, built-in-intelligence and provides dynamic scalability. Therefore, find out how this would benefit your organization when you choose migration to Azure.
  • Follow step-by-step migration process, Start with preparing a plan and enhance it, later enforce the systems to move to cloud
  • Regularize the transformation to cloud with tools like Azure Database Migration Services.
  • Once the exact path procured, analyze it, and project the benefits and find out how it helps your organization to reduce administrative workloads and enlarges the productivity

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