The world has seen significant changes in the business market since the pandemic. You can precisely tell it as “The World of Business before and after pandemic”

After the Covid-19 pandemic, there happened a huge business evolution that made most of the sectors go digital. The concept of remote working has made industries enter the digital market for various reasons like, infrastructure, data acquisition, security, etc. which made cloud computing become more functional.

This blog will detail you about Cloud Computing, Microsoft Azure Cloud, and their growth in the Indian market.  

Cloud computing and its bloom:

Cloud computing is in existence since the 1950s and it has seen constant growth since then, however, after the Covid-19 pandemic, the growth has been enormous due to the digital transformation of several businesses. 

Let’s see,

How does the digital transformation help the growth of cloud computing?

Digital transformation has become the key resource for cloud computing.  Majorly, it forced IT industries to spend billions and trillions on cloud computing as it eventually reduces the operational cost, cost on system maintenance, provides unlimited storage capacity, offers enhanced security, etc.

Therefore, after the start of the pandemic, cloud services have seen heavy growth. At present, from small to big scale businesses have started their migration towards the cloud, which has become the foremost option of survival for them in the business.

There are many cloud service providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, etc.

Microsoft Azure:

Microsoft Azure is a public cloud computing platform that offers a wide range of services which includes servers, storage, analytics, networking, etc., and supports almost every operating system, database, and DevOps tool with high flexibility and reliability. It efficiently reduces operational costs and time. 

Therefore, it offers “Great assistance at minimal cost”

Why Microsoft Azure is one of the best cloud service providers? And how they successfully withstand competitions?

Microsoft Azure offers at most opportunities for businesses to undertake digital transformation in order to acquire higher efficiency and reduce operational costs. Though Microsoft Azure has put its step into the cloud service market quite later comparatively to other cloud service providers, it overcame the initial challenges by incorporating various services, placing a wide amount of data centers, and providing SLAs for more of its core applications has paved a way for them to maintain its place in the global market more precisely unlike any other cloud services. 

Microsoft Azure supports a variety of programming languages and operating systems, its collaboration with Linux has made the systems more scalable, making them one of the leading cloud service providers in India and all over the world. It helps the organizations to develop, deploy and maintain applications on the Azure cloud platform.

What is the impact of Microsoft Azure and its growth in India?

The Growth rate of Azure is more than 100% in India. The launch of Microsoft’s data centers was in these three major cities in India, like Pune, Chennai, and Mumbai. 

Microsoft being a bigger player in the cloud market in India went innovative with its strategy. It partnered with reliance Jio and picking up its stakes with internet firms like Flipkart. The company reported more than 1 billion dollars in the year 2019-2020. In recent years, Azure cloud service played a major role in doubling the company’s revenue along with Office 365 in the Indian market.

After the Covid-19 situation, almost every organization started their migration towards Microsoft Azure for their day-to-day needs, causing the growth of Microsoft Azure in India.

Career-wise also, there is a high demand for Microsoft Azure. IT professionals can complete Microsoft Azure certifications and grab numerous opportunities out there. As more than 50% of the Fortune 500 companies incorporated Microsoft Azure for their business operations.

Azure has created more data centers, made regulations, and provided security certifications. Since the start of remote working, there has been a larger requirement for data storage, and it has been expected to increase furthermore in the upcoming years. The bid data clusters, advanced analytics and BI services, Machine learning, and AI are all provided by platforms like Azure. This proves that Microsoft Azure has a bright future in India and worldwide.

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