Data backup and Recovery management have been playing a major role in most of the organizations worldwide during this Covid-19 pandemic. With no doubt, Data backup and recovery has become their main concern and challenge that they face day today.

This blog will let you know all about data backup and recovery, and its importance on a detailed note.   

What is data backup and recovery? And why is it so important?

The process of data backup involves generating identical copies of the information and storing it in a different location to protect the data and recover it later when the need comes, by re-instating it to the prior location or new location in accordance with the requirement.

In the year 2021, the world has adapted itself and accepted the new normal in line with the tagline “Stay Home, Stay Safe”. Therefore, since the start of the pandemic, the organizations are left out with no options rather than making their employees work from home, which has become the biggest challenge for the organizations to protect their data.  

Though the work from home format has its benefits, it has also raised the necessity of protecting the data due to the organization’s vulnerability towards a data breach, theft, loss, etc. From the start of this Covid-19 situation, the industries are facing millions of losses because of their poor data backup and recovery management, which can be eliminated by having in-store backup and disaster recovery strategies.

The primary causes for the data loss are system malfunction, software failures, human errors, and any sort of malicious attacks, which have been raised these days. To prevent such data losses, data backup is essential. Therefore, nowadays, organizations are highly concentrating on data backup.   

How to do data backup and recovery?

The data backup can be done in several ways like storing it in an external or USB drive, external disk, cloud storage, etc. The backup copies can be stored in the original or remote location. Where the data storage in a remote location is safer compared to storing it in the primary location, which helps in preventing data loss even when the primary location has been subjected to malicious activities or any other malfunctions.

In 2021, cloud storage has boomed up and caught the attention of many organizations with its flexibility, high security, advanced data backup options, and cost-effectiveness. Therefore, organizations have been recently moving towards cloud storage for their data backup and recovery.

Microsoft Azure is a platform that offers several cloud services, one of the services is cloud storage. It allows, clients, to store and access data virtually. It provides some attractive storage and back options like you can store the data in almost every language you want to, and it provides daily, monthly and yearly backups based on your requirements. Furthermore, it effectively reduces the infrastructure and data loss cost.

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