In today’s modern world, technology has evolved and reached incredible heights. With the existence of intense competition, most organizations have started their migration of IT infrastructure towards cloud services.

Why will they not? When there is a solution that provides Economics of Scale and agility.

Read more, As this blog will give you a good understanding of Microsoft Azure, the business challenges you can overcome, and steps for cloud migration.

Organizations pay out a large amount for on-premises IT infrastructure maintenance. They bear costs for Server handling, power consumption, and obviously wide area for setting up an IT infrastructure.

Therefore, Nowadays the organizations are migrating towards the Microsoft Azure cloud, which offers a wide range of cloud services in a cost-effective way.

What is Microsoft Azure? And know how does it help you face business challenges?

Microsoft Azure is a platform that allows clients to use its services virtually. It provides services which comprise Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), it offers storage facility, networking, compute services, DevOps, and more. It can be an alternative or addition to the on-premise servers.

Microsoft Azure is one of the most often used cloud services among several organizations as it is user-friendly and highly adaptable. 

Almost every day the organization faces several issues in deployment, handling servers, providing backups, etc.  

Microsoft Azure comprises immense functionalities with various options and maintains high standards which allow users to choose and maintain their highly critical business operations and overcome business challenges.

First and foremost, Microsoft Azure cuts your cost for initial investment and provides you the agility to deploy the workloads almost instantaneously.                                                    

With Microsoft Azure, the new workload deployment time is reduced from Months to Hours.

Once you take the decision to move to the cloud, you do not only save on the initial investment but also can minimize your operating cost, enjoy flexibility, and expand your business needs in a highly effective way.

Find out how beneficial Microsoft Azure is for your business?

Initial Investment: CAPEX to OPEX

Operational Cost: ROI

Flexibility: If you feel the Infrastructure is underperforming or overkill, change the configuration in minutes to the config that suits your requirement.

Agility: Need not wait for procuring the hardware, Software and implementing the same. Now, you can configure your Infrastructure in Azure in hours.

Patch management: You need not worry about the latest updation on your infrastructure as Microsoft updates all the Azure infrastructure on the go. It also keeps your applications away from cyber-attacks and you from the stress of security threats.

99.99% Uptime: With Microsoft Azure, there is no downtime literally. Microsoft offers 99.99% uptime for all Azure Services and this comes with a financially backed SLA.

Pay-As-You-Go: You pay only for the resources and time you use the resources. If you do not need any resources, you can simply shut it down and you need not pay.

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