WinMethods Azure data backup and recovery services. Consider what can you back up with Azure?

“Data” it’s always known for its importance and vulnerability.  Let it be a personal or business data, based on its priority level, it needs to be kept secured.

From small to trillion dollar organization, possess one common and crucial demand, which is “Data backup and recovery”.

Data backup and recovery solutions allows the organizations to safeguard and protect their data from any malfunctions by duplicating the data and storing it in any other location at on-site, off-site or by opting for a cloud based backup solutions, which allows you to access and retrieve data from anywhere at any time.

Continue to read this blog, to find out, what can you back up with Azure and what does win methods have in store for Data Backup.

Microsoft Azure cloud backup, find out, what can you back up with Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is dominating the world, with its agile and cost-effective backup solutions. Things you can backup,

  • Back up files, folders, and system position’s using Microsoft Azure Recovery Services agent or with Microsoft Backup Server agent to secure the on-premises VMs and workloads.


  • Back up Azure virtual Machines (VMs) – Azure provides self and confined back up to safeguard against unexpected wrecking of data on your VMs. Backups are stored at recovery sites, which has built-in management recovery services to restore data loss.


  • Azure Managed Disks – It keeps your data safe in managed disks, provides more frequent and quick backups without affecting the operational performance and cost-effective solution.


  • Azure File Sync. – Manages large file shares in the cloud which can be accessed using SMB (Server Message blog) and/or on-premises deployments of windows, Linux and macOS. It provides very fast file synchronization.


  • SQL Workloads in Azure VMs – Azure backup provides specialized solution for SQL server workloads. It supports all backup types like full, differential and log. The recovery point is about 15 minutes for frequent log backups. Performs point-in-time recovery up to a second and offers single database level backup and restoration.


  • SAP in Azure VMs – SAP application runs SAP HANA memory databases, which holds critical workloads that require low recovery point and long-term retention.


  • Azure Database for PostgreSQL servers – Azure Backup and Azure Database Services have joined together to develop an enterprise-class backup solution for Azure Database for PostgreSQL servers that hold backups for up to 10 years.


  • Azure Blobs – It provides data protection solution that lets you protect your block blobs from various data loss scenarios like corruptions, blob deletions, and accidental storage account deletion. Supports data recovery to the selected point whenever needed.

WinMethods Azure data backup service is established to keep your data secure and store it in your private NAS or in the cloud storage.

It supports both file level and image level backup which works for all operating systems (Windows, Linux and iOS)

WM data Backup is a globally trusted backup service which offers several beneficial features for all level of organizations to incorporate. Implement “Effective backup and advanced recovery solutions” with Azure data backup